our story

human centric digital design

Lumiio’s story begins in the Korngut Registry Science Lab at the University of Calgary, where our founders work as members of the health community conducting world-leading research in registry sciences. Our work in the lab gives us unique insight into the power of leveraging real-world data, and a mature system where we can study, iterate, and test new ideas. As the community began to recognize our work, demand grew for us to formalize our research into a data collection and registry service that could be consistently applied in health communities around the world. The need to help overcome some of the gaps and barriers to outcomes that existed before us was clear, and so, Dataffinity Health came to life.

Dataffinity Health was created to fill the need for robust health data to conduct meaningful research. As our platform and services developed, so did our understanding of the gaps and barriers our stakeholders were experiencing. We discovered new ways to add value by bringing prominent voices in therapeutic areas together. Dataffinity Health evolved to connect health communities through a human lens, forging real connections by blending social science with data science. This approach would support both patient organizations in advocacy, and medical researchers with increased access to robust, useful data. The evolution of our company meant we needed a new name to represent the guiding mantra the community defines us by, and we evolved into Lumiio.

As we built Lumiio, we created not only a robust and accessible user platform, but a service-oriented business that provides a rallying point for members of the community. We like to say the social science leads the data science. Today, Lumiio is a global leader in digital health with a comprehensive data collection platform deployed around the world. This platform successfully navigates the landscape of patient privacy, data ownership, and international regulatory standards, all while providing a human touch that drives engagement, and empowers patient organizations and pharma companies alike. Our global network drives the development of new treatments, and accelerates improvement of health outcomes, leading the way for us to become world leaders in the realm of patient registries and digital health solutions.