Health Outcomes Through Data

Our offerings have been built to empower health communities at every level to ultimately improve health and quality of life for the communities who partner with us.


Optimized Social Science for Successful Data Science

We conscientiously use data to bring people together in the pursuit of improving health. Being human-centric is the foundation to everything we do, and acts as a cornerstone to successfully growing health communities to help realize their full potential. We optimize the social science to build a rewarding relationship between patients and their data. We believe building strong connections is the key to successful data science.

  • Project Discovery

  • The Data Lab

  • Data Optimization

  • Data Builder

  • Go Global


Project Discovery & Data Identification

Lumiio helps health communities gain a better understanding of the data and information infrastructure that already exist for their therapeutic area. This includes all obvious and non-obvious forms of data, where they are located, gatekeepers, and more. Before proceeding with any project, it is essential to understand what data and ongoing projects already exist in order to identify data gaps, including opportunities for linkage and collaboration. This information is foundational to guide the strategic trajectory of your health community, and informs the long-term road map to a successful data program, outcomes, and decision-making.


Data Acquisition & Development

In this offering, we procure the data you require from all identified and accessible national or international sources. The Lumiio platform is a trusted, secure space to integrate data sources, develop advanced analytics and data visualization, and algorithm derivation or validation.


Optimize Existing Projects

This offering has been built for communities that have already embarked on a data collection endeavour and are struggling to realize outcomes. We bring a refreshed approach to optimize projects through governance, operations, and technology. This refreshed approach will reinvigorate your projects, and provide analysis and recommendations to guide you down a path towards success to meet your program goals efficiently.


Project Build & Data Collection

You’re ready to launch a regional or national project, and we’re eager to help. This offering includes the comprehensive design, implementation, and ongoing support of your data collection program. The data builder is your fastest path to design successful data collection programs that drive you towards your goals. The Lumiio team works closely with clinicians, key opinion leaders, and patient organizations to design and execute your project.


Scale to Multinational

This offering builds or scales your project to become a global data collection program. We will facilitate international partnerships to aggregate data from existing programs while navigating you through the regulatory complexities of cross border data collection and integration.

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