WEBINAR: Applying Disruptive Social Science Technology for Robust Data Outcomes


DIA’s Real-World Evidence Conference 2021 explored new and innovative applications of RWE and delivered cutting-edge insights through use cases, case examples, and practical applications on how stakeholders are leveraging RWE to advance health care knowledge and decision-making. In Lumiio’s Coffee Talk Session, Dr. Victoria Hodgkinson presented an engaging session on the topic of how social science leads data science and robust outcomes. Watch the replay here.


Research programs regularly fail or miss their metrics due to disorganized, siloed or fragmented patient communities; competing priorities across stakeholders; and waning enthusiasm and sustainability. When stakeholder incentives and priorities are aligned and fully understood, programs can be designed that motivate participation and drive successful outcomes. In this Coffee Chat, Lumiio’s Victoria Hodgkinson speaks about Lumiio’s experience in launching global data programs that use an innovative approach to using fully integrated data, ultimately putting social science before data science.

Featured Topics

  • Should social science lead the data science?
  • Using disruptive technology to drive patient outcomes
  • Building community engagement and sustainability
  • Designing successful digital health programs


Dr. Victoria Hodgkinson, Director, Real-World Evidence, Lumiio

Victoria has extensive and varied experience in data analysis and publishing findings utilizing real-world data. She is a recognized global expert in patient registries following her work on large-scale international projects such as the Global SMA Registry and the Global Acromegaly Registry.